Monday, 29 April 2013

Weekly Nail: Precious Blue

After a week of going bare nailed, I really had to get some colour on my nails. I probably should go a little longer without painting them to try and get them a bit stronger.
I used Ulta3's Precious and the blue from the Be Mine mini set. After reading a review on a lovely bronze polish from Orly on Mishelle's Sleepy Time, I really wanted to use a bronze glitter. Alas, I don't own one and I couldn't find the new Face of Australia Glitterati polishes during the Priceline sale (I was keen to get Studio 54 to go over the blue), so I had to settle for gold. I really like the combination, but I would have rather have used chevron shaped stickers instead of the circular ones, but I couldn't find them. I did this for Groovin the Moo which was on Sunday because I wanted nails that stood out, and I think I succeeded.
As of today there are only 23 days until I leave the country! I'm getting kind of nervous, but I'm still super excited. I don't know how I'm going to go 8 months without seeing my dogs, eating Zamberos, or watching CTFxC every day, but I hope I'll be having to much fun to notice. I went shopping with Mum yesterday and she bought me an iPad mini for a graduation/birthday present! I haven't even opened it yet because I'm waiting to get a case and screen protector for it. I ended up buying a Batman case off ebay for it, because the boyfriend didn't want to be using an ipad with a pink polka dot case.
There's still so much to do, but and I'm working 5-6 shifts a week at the moment so on my days off I'm not too keen on the idea of cleaning up my room, packing, or anything that doesn't involve lying in bed watching TV (especially now it's getting cooler!)


  1. This is gorgeous :) Ahh your big move is getting so close! I want an iPad, they are so nifty.

    1. Thanks! It's really creeping up on me!

  2. How cute is this! I love it !:)

  3. This is such an adorable manicure! The colours go perfectly with each other :D x