Friday, 22 March 2013

Review: MUA £1 line! Eyeliner shade 3, eyeshadow shade 19 matte and lipstick in Juicy

I got all of these items in my MUA haul last month. These are all from their £1 line (around $1.46 at the moment! The exchange rate is excellent at the moment!).

The liquid eyeliner in shade 3 is a lovely gold shimmery eyeliner. It's got a long thin tip that allows you to draw a really thin line. The length is a little tricky to work with, but should be fine for anyone used to using liquid liner. The colour is quite light, so I prefer to apply this with a thick line. It dries quickly and once dry doesn't budge! Because it's such a light colour, it doesn't tend to stand out against eyeshadows, and I haven't actually tried wearing it on it's own.

The single  matte eyeshadow in 19 is a lovely dark brown shade. I was going to use this as an eyebrow shade, but when I got it I realised it was much too dark. I don't have any matte shades this dark, so I'm definitely getting use out of it anyway. Compared to other MUA matte shadows from the palettes I own, this is a lot more pigmented and way less chalky! It could be because it's darker, but a little goes a long way. Like all of MUA's shadows, this is lovely to apply, easy to blend, and doesn't feel at all like it's £1 price tag! I've actually been using it a lot lately as a crease colour and loving it! Excuse the dint in the pan, I managed to dig my fingernail in there while I was taking photos.

Lastly, their lipstick in Juicy (shade 15) is a lovely bright coraly pink, almost fluro, shade! I really wanted to try one of their lipsticks, and this was definitely my favourite shade. I'm so surprised at the quality. It's super creamy and opaque, and smells nice too. It does accentuate dry patches a lot though! I think this shade is a little weird against my skin tone, so it's found it's way into the depths of my makeup draw (The photos don't show at all how weird it is). Now we're coming into the cooler months I'm not sure how much I'll get to pull it out, especially seeing as I have a mountain of other bright lipsticks I love to wear (like MAC Vegas Volt). It is lovely though and I'll be bringing it to the UK with me so hopefully I can make it work there, and help brighten up any dreary days. I'm giving away this lipstick in my giveaway at the moment! Click here to enter.
Juicy with flash
Juicy natural light
(l-r) thin line of eyeliner, heavy line of eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick with flash
same as above, natural light

I'm pretty happy with the quality of all of these products, and I can't wait to try more from their £1 line when I'm in England! I've got my eye on some more of the single eyeshadows and liquid eyeliners.

Have you tried anything from the MUA £1 line? What did you think of them?
Or what would you like to try from the line?


  1. Juicy reminds me of Honky Tonk from Australis :) these look amazing for the price!

    1. It is really similar! Juicy is just a little bit more fluro and for some reason looks a lot better on me, even though they are really close shades.
      They are great for the price! It's a shame there's nothing comparable in Australia with prices. Ulta3 is similar pricing but not as good quality (except their nail polish) and Essence, although comparable quality, is a bit more expensive.

  2. Although I'm a big fan of black gel/liquid liner - this bronzey/gold shade look lovely!
    I love that MUA so affordable :D x

    1. It is a lovely shade, but doesn't stand out enough to replace my black liner. The price is so good that you can afford to try a colour out if you're not too sure about it.

  3. You really picked the prettiest colors! I love a deep matte brown xx

    1. The eyeshadow really is nicer than the photos show, and it's totally the perfect dark brown for me :)