Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My MAC lipsticks! Swatches and comparisons

I've been meaning to do a post about these for a while now. I was given 3 MAC lipsticks for Christmas from my lovely friends and I love each of them! I received Vegas Volt, Angel and Ruby Woo, all of which are colours that were on my wish list. FYI this is going to be a long, picture filled post :)

Vegas Volt, Angel and Ruby Woo.

natural light (same order)

with flash

Vegas Volt natural light
Vegas Volt with Flash
Vegas Volt was the first that I received and was at the top of my wish list. I actually got to pick this one because I thought I was going to pay for it, but my friend surprised me and told me it was a gift (read about when I first got it here). It's my favourite 'out there' lipstick to wear, and I wore it a lot during summer. It's creamy and lovely to apply

Angel natural light
Angel with flash
Angel is a lovely soft pink that I got as a secret santa present (best secret santa present EVER). Like Vegas Volt, it's so creamy and lovely to apply. It does show dry spots a little, but it's nothing really to complain about. As I said in my february favourites post, it really is the perfect nude for me. It's not too dark or light, and it's not too brown - I prefer my nudes to have more of a pink tone.

Ruby Woo natural light
Ruby woo Flash
Ruby Woo over Romantic natural light
Ruby Woo over Romantic with flash

Ruby Woo is bright red! It's the perfect colour red. It's very matte, and it is a lot drier to apply than the other two. It does kind of tug a bit, but I usually wear it over Revlon's Kissable Balmstain in Romantic, which totally solves the problem. However once on, Ruby Woo doesn't dry out the lips, nor does it stick to dry spots, and it doesn't feel very dry at all.

All 3 of these have the lovely MAC vanilla scent that makes applying them feel kind of special. They all have great wear times, with Ruby Woo being the longest lasting, and Angel the least (still over 2 hours).

I also decided to do a comparison with the colours in my collection that are closest to the MAC lipsticks I own. Each lipstick I used to compare are from affordable Australian brands. I used the coral Australis Honky Tonk to compare to Vegas Volt, the nude Face of Australia Lychee Crush to compare to Angel, and the bright red Sportsgirl Bombshell to compare to Ruby Woo.
Vegas Volt, Honky Tonk, Angel, Lychee Crush, Ruby Woo and Bombshell
swatches in same order
natural light
with flash

As you can see, the closest match is Ruby Woo and Bombshell, with Bombshell being almost a perfect dupe of Ruby Woo. Ruby Woo is a lot more matte - even though Bombshell is a perfectly fine matte. Ruby Woo is also a bit deeper, and Bombshell doesn't smell as nice as Ruby Woo. Otherwise Bombshell looks just as nice on, and is quite long lasting, and would be a great alternative to buying Ruby Woo
For the others, Vegas Volt is a lot brighter, redder and opaque than Honky Tonk, which seems to be a little closer to Angel than Vegas Volt. Lychee Crush is also a lot more peachy toned than Angel. Neither Honky Tonk or Lychee Crush are dupes for Vegas Volt or Angel, but are still lovely colours with lovely formulas.
Click here for swatches on lips for Honky Tonk, Lychee Crush and Bombshell 

After using MAC lipsticks, I'm a convert. I need to get my hands on more, but I'm waiting to travel to try and pick some up in Asia or at duty free. At the moment Impassioned and Viva Glam Nicki are at the top of my wish list, although I would also love Party Parrot, Viva Glam Nicki 2 and maybe Rebel.

Do you own any MAC lipsticks? Which one is your favourite?
If not, which one is at the top of your wish list?


  1. Lucky lucky! These look so incredible...oh how I wish MAC wasn't so pricey here in Aus!

    1. I'm so thankful to have great friends! I wish MAC wasn't so expensive either, there are so many more colours I want, but no way I can justify $36 on one lipstick!

  2. It's shame they're so expensive here. I only have two: See Sheer (blog sale) and Viva Glam Nicki (my mom sent it from the States). I definitely want more, but am waiting until I go overseas.

    1. Waiting to travel to get them is a much better option than buying them here, they're way too expensive!

  3. I have two, peach blossom (which has become a creamy mess in the tube-WARNING!) and Daddy's little girl from the archies collection (Love!). I have had my eyes on vegas volt and impassioned for a very long time! I love a bold lippie :)

    1. Daddy's Little Girl is a really lovely colour! MAC have so many great bold lippies.

  4. Angel and Ruby Woo looks gorgeous on you! Nice blog you have here- had so much fun browsing through your posts! =D