Saturday, 11 May 2013

My life in Pictures #7

I've been meaning to do another one of these posts for a while now, but my life has been so full of work that my instagram feed hasn't really been interesting enough to post!
1. Having a BBQ with friends (a very, very long time ago!)
2. I went to say hi to a friend working in Cotton On Kids one lunch time, and I walked out wearing a pair of pink glittery flats. They're kids size 3 and they fit my feet perfectly!
3. Doing a trail pack of my suitcase. This was when I was pulling everything out of my wardrobe and dumping it in my suitcase - hence the coat hangers. I really didn't think it'd all fit but it did, woo!
4. Wearing Rimmel Apocalips in Galaxy.

5. The ally way next to a club I went to drinks with friends at. It has a really good echo so we do a thing called space claps.
6. Watching local band Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens at Groovin the Moo.
7. Getting my costume sorted for a 21st next weekend. I'm going as the Wicked Witch of the West, and I even bought green face paint. I will post photos of the full costume!
8. The boyfriend and I had our going away drinks on Friday night! I got a little bit sad but I also had so much fun hanging out with all of my friends. I was amazed how many people turned up!

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