Thursday, 23 May 2013

Hey there, Malaysia!

Hello all! Now that I'm actually traveling, I really have no idea what to write about for a blog post! And I'm sorry all these photos are instagram photos, I'm always worried in Asia that I'm going to take pictures of the wrong things and get in trouble, so I don't want to take my SLR around with me. I blame the Australian government's travel adds for that!

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur last night at around 9pm, and after taking the KLIA Ekspress, and then a taxi, we didn't get to our hotel until 11pm (1am aest). Surprisingly I wasn't that tired, and I didn't even get much sleep on the plane.
View from our hotel room.

We ended up waking up at 7.30, had a rather average breakfast at the hotel, went for a walk only to realise that shops don't open till 10am here! We went to Times Square and spent a couple of hours there walking around the shops and had lunch. There's a theme park in there that looked really awesome (I mean, roller coaster in a shopping mall, how could that not be cool?!) but was a little too expensive (although in hindsight we probably could have splurged a little). 
Piano stairs in Times Square, ie. the coolest staircase I have ever been on!

I ended up convincing Toby to walk to Sephora with me, even though it was more of a struggle for me. It was less than a 10 minute walk and I had acquired some rather nasty heat rash on my thighs already. It was pretty amazing. I didn't really spend as much time in there as I could have, but I was surprised at how expensive everything was! The Urban Decay Naked palettes worked out to about $70 AUD each and you can definitely get them cheaper on the internet, as well as all the Stila products I looked at. It was nice to be able to swatch them though instead of just relying on blog reviews, and I definitely need to get some Urban Decay products into my life! The same happened at MAC, I found the prices were pretty much the same as I'll find in the UK so I'm going to just wait and get some there. I have a lipstick from the Baking Beauties collection in mind which was out of stock when I went in today. There was a rather lovely sales assistant there though, and I had a little chat to him about my tattoos.

We ended up having a beer before walking back to the hotel to use the internet for a little bit and talk to our parents. I'm definitely addicted to my phone, so it was a bit annoying to not be able to check facebook every 5 minutes today, but really it's probably a good thing! We wanted to find a good Malaysian restaurant to eat dinner at, but after asking at reception for any good places to eat, realised we were in China town, and went to a place around the corner from the hotel that had cheap beers and ate there. Which was a really good choice because it was delicious! I had chicken noodle stirfry, and Toby had chicken satay skewers and both were really yummy. My sore legs meant we couldn't really do much after dinner because it hurts to walk, so we ended up going to a 7/11 to get pints of beer to take back to the hotel.
Photo from dinner. We sat next to the water feature which was nice.

We leave for London at 10am tomorrow, which means we get there at 4 in the afternoon, so there'll be plenty of time to look around a bit before bed, and find a good pub!


  1. Those piano stairs are so cool!
    I didn't know Malaysia had a Times Square :O

  2. That's so exciting :) Have fun!

  3. Oh wow looks like your having a blast! (except for your tired legs!) But I'd be the same :P
    And I know what you mean about those scary Aussie travel ads! They make out you can't do anything overseas haha!

  4. Those stairs are so awesome! I can't wait to hear about your travels :)