Friday, 31 May 2013

First week in England!

So, we've now been in England a whole week! It really seems like longer because we've already done so much.
The squirrels are so friendly!
We spent the first 3 nights in London, and got to our first hotel around 6pm (the one we booked less than a week before we left because we got the date we landed wrong...) When we were waiting in Paddington Station to figure out how to get to our hotel, it was pissing down with rain, but luckily it stopped enough for us to get into our hotel, and then it cleared up and we ended up going for a walk into Hyde Park, which was super pretty. We even saw a squirrel!

The next day was a venture to Oxford street, to find sim cards with the best internet deals, and to have a look at the shops. I pretty much went straight to Superdrug... so fun to see all the new brands of makeup (Sleek! MUA! Barry M!). We also checked out Topshop (which has A CUPCAKE SHOP IN IT!), Urban Outfitters and Primark (which was super packed and not a great place to be in unfortunately. Don't go in there when it's a long weekend) We ended up walking into Hyde park, after spending a really long time trying to find a public toilet (you wouldn't think it would be that hard in a city) and then back to Sainsbury's to get lunch, and up to Regents Park to eat it. 
Eating lunch in Regents Park
white swans are so pretty!
The next day we trecked at total of about 13km! (I checked on google maps) Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and then all the way along to St Pauls Cathedral past the Savoy and Twinings shop. Then took a train to the Natural History Museum to see the blue whale (again, long weekend, super busy), then back through Hyde Park to go back to the hotel. So much walking! The next day we visited Harrods, and I bought Mac Viva Glam Nicki 2 (which is pretty fantastic). We also got some chilli squid and custard donuts and ate them in, guess where? Hyde Park of course! 
We sat here to eat lunch!

We took the train to Toby's family friends who live in a little town about a half hour train ride from London which is super duper pretty! We've been out to Luton and Hemel Hamstead since we got here and done a lot of walking along the canal to the supermarket (I got a little excited to visit all the supermarkets here. I'm weird). It's rained a lot, but of course today, the day we decide to spend inside doing boring things like applying for national insurance numbers, fixing up resumes and looking for jobs, it's super sunny!

Monday week we're off to Liverpool for a few days which is going to be real cool because we want to see lots of Beatles stuff, then when we get back from there we're off to Edinburgh! We're also thinking about doing a trip to Paris the week after that (FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!) before we properly look for work.


  1. Everything looks amazing! It sounds like you're having the best time


  2. Ahh it looks so beautiful! Happy Birthday!!! (prematurely) ;)

  3. Regents Park is beautiful!