Tuesday, 6 August 2013

One Direction... makeup!

It's no secret that I am a bit of a fan of One Direction, so it's no surprise that the new One Direction range by MUA was released I had to get my hands on it, or that it managed to break my blog-drought (Sorry about that guys, now that I'm back into a little bit of a routine I can try and do some blogging in my spare time, and I have a lot of photos to share, along with the huge array of new products I can buy now I have an income!)

I haven't actually done any real research about this new collection. All I know is there's 5 lipsticks, 5 lip polishes, 5 nail polishes and 3 cheek tints. I have absolutely no idea if 1D had anything to do with it, but I don't really care because I like MUA's products and I'm a sucker for branding! Hence the 1D mug I also picked up today. Each 1D boy has a lipstick, lip polish and nail polish named after them.

I ended up picking up 4 lipsticks and 1 of the lip polishes. I hadn't intended on getting a lip polish at all, but saw a good review about it on Pretty in Pink and decided I needed it. The nail polishes didn't really tickle my fancy, and I can't wear nail polish at the moment because of my job. I may have a look at the cheek tints in the near future.

The lipsticks I got are I Want (Liam), Moments (Niall), I wish (Zayn) and Rock Me (Louis), with the lip polish in Liam Loves... Blueberry. All the lipsticks come in a bullet similar to MAC lipsticks, with a scent that also reminds me of MAC's lipsticks. The silver inside has the signature of the corresponding 1D boy on it, and the lipstick bullet has X's and O's down the side, with a 1D embossed on the top. This doesn't last very long, as you can kind of see on I Want (no matter HOW many times I checked and re-checked in Superdrug, I still managed to get a lipstick that had been tampered with. What is with makeup companies not sealing up their products?!). I've found the tubes of all of them are quite hard to push up and down. As for their formula, they seem to apply very smoothly, almost buttery. However, they do end up quite sheer (apart from I want), but still manage to cling to dry patches. You can't expect perfect quality for a £3 lipstick though.

I want, Moments, I Wish, Rock Me.

I want is a bright red with a hint of coral and a gold shimmery finish.
Moments is a lovely nude-pink with a nice gold shimmer to it which is totally work appropriate. 
I Wish is a pretty candy pink. It's not as scary on the lips as you would expect, but still not quite a nude.
Rock Me, although pretty scary looking in the bullet for those who aren't used to bold lipstick, is quite an understated pinky liliac shade. It's a little sheer, and would be perfect if you wanted to wear something different, but didn't want to stand out.

As for the lip polish, I'm pretty happy I picked it up. It's got a lovely buttery texture, a little like the Nivea lip butters, and is surprisingly pigmented! It leaves a lovely sheer colour on your lips, and smells a little like grapes.

Swatches with Flash (l-r) I Want, Moments, I Wish, Rock Me and Liam loves... Blueberries.

Swatches in natural light (same as above)

So far these have only been released in Superdrug stores, and on their website (which I had to find through a link, I couldn't find it by going through the Superdrug site). I haven't heard anything from MUA's facebook about when these will be going on their website. I have a feeling this may be because  there'll be a huge influx of traffic once they are released and they don't want another fiasco like the 50% off sale!


  1. This is crazy! I did not know they had a little collection coming out - they actually look pretty decent though! I'm not a huge fan of 1D but their songs are very catchy!

    x Tashi

    1. MUA had talked about it a little bit on their facebook page, but have been keeping really quiet about it, it's really strange!
      The lipsticks are really great regardless of the fact they're 1D branded. Their songs are super catchy, exactly why I'm fan :)