Saturday, 17 August 2013

Day Off at Cotswolds Wildlife Park!

Toby and I get Tuesdays off together, and after spending every single one just shopping we decided to do something different. Our boss has been writing a list of things around where we're living that we can visit, but of course we forgot to have a look at it before we left work on Monday. I was browsing google maps, as you do, and found the Cotswold Wildlife Park. Toby remembered a girl at work raving about it, and we decided we'd head there!

I love going to the zoo, and my favourite animals are the meerkats and penguins, and there were lots of both. There were a few baby animals around, including a white rhino, camel and a few baby meerkats.
I think my favourite of this trip was seeing two monkeys fighting. I took a video of it on my instagram, along with a whole lot more videos!

Compared to other zoo's I've been to (which is really just Canberra, Sydney and Perth zoos...) it was quite small, and didn't have a great deal of animals. It was a really open planned zoo, with lots of low fences, which was a nice change from seeing all of the animals in cages.
The giraffes were so close!
Sleeping wolf
There was a paddock with goats you could go in and pat. The goats didn't seem too keen on it though.

We ended the day trying to find a farm that sold cheese with no luck, and driving past the supposed house of a certain television celebrity.


  1. I love meerkats too :) we saw baby ones at the Perth zoo a few months back - it was amazing!