Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My Essence Blushes

I thought now I own two of these blushes now that it's time to do a little review of them. These are the only Essence blushes I've tried, and they're both limited edition (I'm becoming a sucker for LE products, damn).

My first was from the Breaking Dawn pt 2 collection, called Remesmee red. I never got around to reviewing it at the time, as when I bought it I kind of got a bit scared of it and put it at the back of my draw. It's a really bright, matte red, which I haven't really had much use for (because I'm too scared to use it, haha). I find this blush has very good colour payoff, so you really need to use a light hand to apply it, otherwise you'll end up looking like a clown! It is a lovely colour though, and it's uniqueness (especially compared to a lot of other 'drugstore' blushes) is what drew me to buy it in the first place, and I'm sure when I get the hang of applying it lightly I'll use it a lot more.

My second is from the current Cherry Blossom Girl Collection in Asian Sensation. I bought this almost as soon as I heard about it, as I'd been wanting to get a coraly blush for some time. It's a lovely peachy colour with a lighter and a darker section, which look great used separately - as a highlighter using the lighter shade or darker blush, or swirled together. I've used this a few time since I bought it, and I prefer to use them together. This blush is quite sheer (and a tad chalky) and probably not the blush to get if you want strong colour, but it does give your cheeks a lovely glow which I really like.

l-r (swatches in shade) Renesmee Red, Darker half of Asian Sensation, Lighter half, and blended.

Asian Sensation in the sun

Renesmee Red in the sun

Asian Sensation on the left and Renesmee Red on the right, taken in the sun.

Asian Sensation taken in the shade with flash

Renesmee Red taken in the shade with flash


  1. Ohh I actually like the Renesmee Red! I didn't even look at that range because it said twilight...now I regret it!

    1. The collection was full of awesome stuff, but was seriously hard to get your hands on. To be honest, the twilight part was what dragged me into it in the first place.

  2. I have one blush from Essence - a creme one - and I quite like it. I would like to get around to trying a powder one eventually. Renesmee Red looks lovely.
    I love that photo of you with the caption 'Asian sensation in the sun.' It's so nice!

    1. I'd be interesting to see if the permanent collection powder blushes are the same quality as Renesmee Red. I'm not a fan of creme blush unfortunately.

  3. Very lovely! I like how both of these look on you.

    <3 Melissa