Saturday, 19 July 2014

Wish list: Makeup Geek

Wish list: Makeup Geek  
Z-Palette  //  Shark Bait  //  Ocean Breeze  // 
Unexpected  //  Burlesque  //  Fairytale  //  Unicorn 
Cosmopolitan  //  Crème Brulee  //  Latte  //  Mocha

For some reason, even though I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes, I have the urge to build my own. I was thinking about MAC, but after reading Lilit from Makeup and Macaroonsreview on these eyeshadows, it seemed silly to spend all that money on MAC when I could buy Makeup Geek for a fraction of the price! Makeup Geek's eyeshadows are $5.99, compared to MAC's ridiculous $26 for a pro-pan refill, or $33 for a single shadow (which makes the $80 it costs to buy a Naked palette here actually seem reasonable!)
After browsing the Makeup Geek website, and variousblog posts with swatches, it was really hard to narrow it down. It's not possible. They're so cheap that it seems almost silly to just get a few. Instead, I would really like to get a large Z-palette (ideally the pink one), so I can have up to 27 shadows. Or even a medium one would do. Seem excessive? Not for $5.99 a pop! These shadows are at the top of my wish list, but they also do a eyeshadow starter kit ($49.99, you save about $4), which includes some of these shadows, along with a few more that would make my palette perfect.

Greens are something I'm new to. I don't have any, and I've never used them, but Makeup Geek sure have some beauties! If I could get them all, I would, but
that would be silly. To start off I would love a beautiful turquoise like Shark Bait, and a deeper sea green like Ocean Breeze would be pretty to use with it. Makes me think of mermaids and tropical islands.

As for pinks, Unexpected is a lovely matte dusty pink shade, which looks quite similar to Nooner from the Naked 3 palette, but possibly even nicer. Burlesque is a shimmery plum colour, quite similar to MAC Cranberry, which is something I already own. But hey, it's pretty!
Purples are another colour that I own a fair few shadows of, but am yet to find the perfect ones. Fairytale is a dusty matte violet shade, which would go with a whole range of looks, but also look really pretty with Unicorn. Or Burlesque's purple cousin Drama Queen.

Expensive Pink is a MAC shadow that I've had my eye on for a while, but Cosmopolitan is a pretty great dupe. It would look lovely layered over Crème Brulee, the first of the neutral matte shadows on my wish list. I have a lot of neutrals, but not a lot of decent matte neutrals. Together with Latte and Mocha (great shade names, don't you think?!), you could create a gorgeous neutral matte look.

Have you tried Makeup Geek shadows before? What do you think of them?

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  1. I haven't tried Makeup Geek before but these look pretty awesome! I really want to try some out now! xx