Monday, 27 January 2014

Sleek Vintage Romance i-Divine palette

I've been meaning to blog about this palette for a while now, but I've been lazy. Sleek is a brand I was excited about trying when I got to the UK, and it took me a while to decided which i-Divine palette I wanted. But when I saw the Vintage Romance palette, that was the one I was getting. It's the perfect winter palette, full of dark pinks, purples and gold. The colours are also named after cities in Europe, 7 of which I'll be traveling to very soon!!
I love the matte black casing of sleek products, they're so sturdy and have a big mirror inside. Don't use an alcohol wipe to clean the outside of the palette though, because the sleek logo will come off. It comes with a double end foam applicator, which found it's way to the bin soon after I opened it.
The 12 shades are mostly shimmer and glitter shades, with one matte shade. They're mostly very pigmented (with the exception of Vow in Venice and Propose in Prague, but you can work with them easily enough), and are lovely and soft and easy to blend.

The 12 shades are:
 Pretty in Paris - light silver shimmer
Meet in Madrid - gold shimmer
Court in Cannes - cool bronze shimmer
Lust in LA - bronze shimmer with green tones
Romance in Rome - navy blue shimmer
Propose in Prague - reddy copper matte
A Vow in Venice - dark mauve shimmer,
Marry in Monte Carlo - bright reddy purple glitter
Honeymoon in Hollywood - dark reddy purple with a slight shimmer
Bliss in Barcelona - dark bluey purple shimmer
Forever in Florence- very dark purple with silver glitter
Love in London- matte black with silver glitter.

Top:Pretty in Paris, Meet in Madrid, Court in Cannes
Bottom: Vow in Venice, Marry in Montecarlo, Bliss in Barcelona 

Top: Lust in LA, Romance in Rome, Propose in Prague
Bottom: Bliss in Barcelona, Forever in Florence, Love in London

I found I get the most use out of the 3 shadows in the bottom left of the palette (Vow in Venice, Marry in Montecarlo and Bliss in Barcelona). They're prefect for autumn and winter, and go well with MAC Cranberry and MUA shade 25. Meet in Madrid and Court in Cannes are also really lovely neutral shades.

After using this palette I will definitely be getting my hands on another sleek palette in the near future. This palette is a limited edition, but you can still find it online from a number of websites.


  1. I have this too and I think it's a very unique palette x

  2. I have this one as well, and love it! The colours are definitely perfect for winter! xx