Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Hello again.

So I've decided to start blogging again, mostly after reading through a million beauty blogs lately and baking 1 million cupcakes. And, you know, I have a huge amount of assessment due so I need another thing to help me procrastinate. It seems like the more urgent an assessment is, the more I procrastinate. How did I get this far in uni?

Uni is almost over for me, I only have a handful of weeks left now. And in those weeks are too many reports and presentations. 

So, for my birthday the boy (and fam) got me a Kitchenaid!! It's actually amazing and made making 5 lots of cupcakes a breeze. Also it's pink, which makes it infinitely better. Making all these cupcakes was pretty fun, even if I was on a pretty tight time frame (thanks to my mixer!). I don't have much experience with icing, but I think these turned out pretty good looking. The first batch were for a friend from uni who needed them for a friends baby shower. The second I baked for mum for her work morning tea. They're vanilla, and i piped some raspberry coulis in the middle. They taste pretty great.

Here are some flowers too... it's spring now and I like all the flowers.

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